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kimrbrownWhen I was little, I found my mother’s stories fascinating.  Stories about Manchuria, the Japanese Occupation, the Communist Revolution, and her family’s harrowing escape back to Korea.  Some of my mother’s favorite stories were about her childhood in China, where she used to play games with her friends and reward the winners with rare oranges.

My father’s stories were a little less exciting.  His stories were about the need to sacrifice because of World War II, the desire for a better life, and the value of hard work.  One story that my dad told me and my brother A LOT, was about how when he was a kid, he collected soda pop bottles and newspapers all week long, and if he was lucky, he would have the 25₵ needed to go see the movies on Saturday.  Back then, 25₵ would buy you a popcorn, a soda, AND the show!

These stories, along with many others, help remind me of who I am, as a lawyer, writer, jeweler, wife and mother.

Stories not only inspire, delight, challenge, and teach us, but stories remind us that we are not as alone as we thought.

…I hope you will find some of the right stories here.  :)  Kim

By Kim R. Brown

Kim R. Brown
The Lively Lawyer Blawg
Kim R. Brown is a lawyer, writer, jeweler, wife and mother.  She practices Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Law.  She is a partner at Brown Law Offices, PA.  She is also the author of The Lively Lawyer Blawg, which uses Stories and Legal Humor to help non-lawyer learn about Accident & Injury Law, Diversity, Health Law, Insurance Law, Law Practice Management, Lawyer Lifestyle, Small Law Firms, Tax Law, and Women in the Law.
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